Next-level Content Marketing

Take your content game to new heights with HBB’s all-inclusive content marketing suite of SEO-conscious content and video, website creation, tracking and more.

The Next-Level Content Marketing Plan

  • Premium Services

  • One All-inclusive Package

  • Limitless Upside

Tap into the power of professional 3D video and SEO-conscious content and strategy to produce big results for your business. Grow your web traffic, generate leads, increase your conversions, and boost your sales with the HandBuiltBrands turnkey digital marketing package.

Our Top-Shelf Services

Each aspect of our Next-Level Content Marketing program is crucial to nailing your digital marketing. When assembled together in one package, they exponentially multiply your ability to knock your audience’s socks off.

Content Writing

Researching, outlining, and writing SEO-conscious, insightful articles and blog posts

Video Production

Creating 3D animations to simply and vividly explain technical processes, services, concepts and products


Monitoring and reporting performance data with key insights and analysis

Powerful Copy, or Stunning Video? Yes!

When you take your content marketing next-level, you no longer have to answer the question:
Do we go with written copy, or video? All of our content marketing plans give you the best of both worlds:

  • Backbone of a great website
  • Biggest signifier to Google 
  • Easily added and updated
  • Most cost-effective form of content
  • Easily accessed and consumed by the end-user
  • Dynamic way to rapidly explain even complex topics 
  • Has been shown to make a page more likely to rank in Google
  • Encourages better content planning and to-the-point messaging  
  • Videos are the #1 most-shared type of content
  • Video is more popular and easier to consume than ever before

  • Retain all advantages of each individually
  • Match user preference
  • Work better with user’s surroundings
  • Cover the near-term (with text) and the long-term (with video)
  • Reinforce messaging and call viewers to action again
  • Improve flow: tease content with video, or set up video with text

How We Work


Story workshop

In a long interview session, we learn about your company, products, and goals from a business perspective. 

Brand brief

We study all the aspects of your brand, from style and design to voice, positioning, experience, and differentiation. 


This includes keyword, competitor, SEO, and client research, which we combine with our knowledge of best practices. 

“Content Map”

We draft a 12-month plan for the key content pages and supporting pages that will be created each month. If you plan to incorporate video into the plan, we highlight where those opportunities are and how they fit into the overall production calendar.

Software Setup

We put everything in place for you to have full access and control of your website, along with a keyword tracking and website analytics dashboard that you can access 24/7.


Customer conferences

We continually schedule meetings with you to conduct interviews with subject matter experts as part of the content process, to take reference photography, and generally check in with you.

Article and script writing

Monthly, we produce the content, informed by ongoing  search consulting and content strategy. Then we request your feedback and publish to your website, on schedule, completely turnkey--we handle everything.

Video production
Graphics creation 

We deliver monthly website analytics reports that include insights and recommendations for strategy adjustments, upcoming content, and any new opportunities that we have identified.

Every business needs a content marketing program in place. To make our content creation method available to everyone, we wrote the book on it! The Content Champion Guide is available on Amazon.

Who Are We?

A Team Who Know
Content Marketing Inside and Out

HandBuiltBrands is a boutique agency with an outsized amount of online marketing prowess. We’ve built our reputation helping small and medium-sized businesses spread the word about their products and services through killer 3D animations, custom websites, and proven search strategies. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve honed some 50 services down to the core of what we do better than anyone else...which is now available as one comprehensive package..

Success Stories

Global Generator Company (3 years

2019 YOY traffic up +20%. vs. 2018 YTD

National Energy Equipment & Services Company (2 years)

2019 YOY traffic up +40%. vs. 2018 YTD

Houston-based Dentist (2 years) 

2019 YOY traffic up +300%. vs. 2018 YTD

Houston-based General Contractor (4 years)

2019 YOY traffic up +32%. vs. 2018 YTD

(2018 +21%; 2017 +36%; 2016 +42%)

Consistent focus
on website
Adjusting strategy and tactics
based on business and search
engine changes over time

Package Levels

We’ve made it easy to choose the plan that can get you where you want to go at your preferred pace:

Level 1

  • One 30-second video per quarter
  • 3 articles per quarter 
  • Monthly reporting and tracking
  • Quarterly consultation

Level 2

  • One video up to 2 minutes per quarter
  • 6 articles per quarter 
  • Monthly reporting and tracking
  • Quarterly consultation
    *Most Popular option

Level 3

  • Three videos up to 1 minute per quarter
  • 9 articles per quarter 
  • Monthly reporting and tracking
  • Monthly consultation

*Annual commitment required. Additional video production time and articles may be purchased a la carte.


Examples of Content Pages

Examples of Analytics Reports

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