It’s time to tell your story.

We are HandBuiltBrands.

We are storytellers that help grow your business.


We craft videos, content marketing programs and websites that tell your story, the right way, the first time and every time — turnkey.

Our team guides you…

…through the process of:

  • figuring out what your story is

  • paring it down to the essence without losing the poetry

  • telling it in a compelling, impactful and meaningful way

Once you know your business story, everything starts getting easier.


Core Services

Animated Video Production

Make a huge impact with 3D Animations that simply explain technical processes…and show your buyers EXACTLY what it does for them.


View a 1-minute sample of 3D animation work.

Next-Level Content Marketing

Take your content game to new heights with HBB’s all-inclusive content marketing suite of SEO-conscious content and video, website expansion, tracking and more.


Website Creation


You’ve heard and believe that your website is the modern-day equivalent of a first impression.

And right now, you’re not too thrilled with the first impression that your website is putting out there, are you?


To do all of these things well takes a combination of many unique skill sets.

Overall Smarts


Business strategy

A wide circle of competence



Content strategy

Content creation

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Analytics - monitoring and reporting

Paid search …to name just a few…


3D animation and production


Motion graphics


Brand identity

Website design

Graphic design



Custom Wordpress

Ongoing management and updates

Very few companies have all of these skill sets in house. We do — companies partner with us to bring their story to life and grow their business.

We look for “T-shaped” individuals. People who know a lot about a little bit and a little bit about a lot. And in addition to having these skills, our team members represent a set of core values …

At our heart, we are a teaching agency.

We look for people with talent, grit, velocity, impact per dollar, responsiveness, accuracy and that are just plain fun to work with.

There’s a shift currently occurring in the marketing world. And if we can attract and train even a few of tomorrow’s marketing leaders — people that can see your business’s inner differentiators and tell the world about them — then we’ll all grow.

What People Are Saying

“After being introduced to you and sitting down with you to discuss the concept and read through the script, it was only then that I realized how much value you brought, and how much money I likely saved having you refine the script and bring to bear your expertise in making the message so much more clear … we have had you produce several other videos, and with you knowing our messaging, the efficiencies we have achieved have paid off in spades … and I know that I am getting quality.”

— C.G., Professional Services

“Matt and his team at HandBuilt were incredible stewards of our brand and message. They took the time to understand our goals, our budget, and our product, and then worked interactively with us through an efficient process - script, prototype, video. During each step, they were patient with our feedback and happy to iterate to get things just right. Beyond their attention to the technical details we were particular about, their creativity really brought our product to life. Matt was incredibly responsive, drove quick turnaround, and ultimately produced a product that far exceeded my team's expectations. I would confidently recommend HandBuilt Brands to anyone!”

— K.P., Medical Industry

“HBB crushed it. They make it easy as they truly guide you through the process. We wanted a very specific 3D animated video that was not an easy undertaking. But with their care and talented team they exceeded everyone's expectations. Five Stars … Thank you to Matt and his team for making us look good!”

— A.F., Creative Agency

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