GROWTH is our focus metric.


Strategy and Priorities Based on Comprehensive Customer Evaluation



A User-Focused and Growth-Driven Design Approach



The Secret Sauce: Our Core Optimization Package

The HBB Process

  • View as a user View as a user
  • Create your roadmap Create your roadmap
  • Content is king Content is king
  • Launch pad website Launch pad website
  • Core optimization package Core optimization package
  • Analysis Analysis
  • Development Development
  • Growth Growth

Empower Your Sales Team

A powerful digital presence works for you 24/7. We have a proven process to improve not only your website, but anywhere customers find and interact with you online.

But first, let’s make sure your business is ready for the transformation and can benefit from our growth-driven process. Let’s setup a time to talk and see if we’re a good fit

"HandBuiltBrands makes us look bigger than we are."

Every Single Customer

HandBuiltBrands helps companies grow by creating transformational online presences. We’ve found that coupling outstanding sales teams with tracking technology and online marketing tactics can help a company grow faster. This includes the right mixture of 3D animation, branding, collateral design, website design and digital marketing services like local search engine optimization, content marketing, and inbound marketing. We are a HubSpot Agency Partner, a Wistia Partner Agency and one of the only advertising agencies that has the knowledge of Houston’s industries.


Why do we call ourselves HandBuiltBrands when we specialize in corporate 3D animations and digital marketing?

Good question. Glad you asked.

In our opinion, it all starts with the brand. It all matters. We can’t stress that enough.

It all matters.

Every touchpoint you have with your customers impacts your brand. Your customer service team, your sales team, the way you show up in the search engines, your Facebook page, your email marketing.

Animation Studio - Specializing in Sales Videos
to Help Businesses Grow

  • Houston 3D Studio - We create 3D videos that help grow your business.
  • Top Sales Videos in the US - When you have to clearly communicate what you do to someone who needs to GET it, that’s when our proprietary process shines.
  • Best Communicators in the Business
  • Software is only as good as those who use it - It probably wouldn’t make a difference if the 3D or Solidworks people that you know have or use the same software as us. We believe that our differentiator is in our constantly improving processes, our Rapid Prototype system and our team.

We are building HandBuiltBrands to be one of the top animation companies in the world. We are a 3D animation studio.

We don't focus on animation studio software; we're not building an animation studio app.

It comes down to people and culture.
We are focused on being one of the best animation studios to work for in the world.
We are an animation agency, and when you are trying to build one of the best 3D animation studios you have to have smart industry experts, talented artists, organized project managers and a culture that reflects today's modern working environment.

Even for those of us who office in the same place, we act as a completely distributed animation company.

It’s different. We’re “weird.” And we’re ok with that.

In fact, we think we are living the future of work.

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