Custom Website Design and WordPress Development

You’re not really pleased with your website, are you?

You’ve heard and believe that your website is the modern-day equivalent of a 1st impression.

And right now, you’re not too thrilled with the first impression that your website is putting out there are you?

We hear you. And you’re in the right place.

That’s what a HandBuiltBrands Custom Website does.

Custom WordPress Development

Improve your company's first impression, and tell your story in a way that helps you sell and grow with our 3 proven products of the Custom Website Program:


Every engagement begins with a roadmap. This is a paid engagement — a project scoping and pricing plan workshop — where over the course of 2-3 meetings, we gather all of the details of the project, develop the sitemap, tease out the design criteria, identify ideal customer / user paths and in general, figure out what this website is going to be about.


Every site we create is a custom design and development.


For the peace of mind of our customers, we created a website management package that is turnkey and allows our customers to focus on their business, not their website.

The 5 Phases of the HandBuiltBrands Custom Website Design and WordPress Development Process:

We build custom-designed websites and develop them on the WordPress content management system.

And a typical website project has 5-phases.

1. Roadmap

A two-week paid workshop where we:

  • Outline the scope of your project
  • Create the ideal sitemap
  • Run a local and organic search engine optimization audit (a proprietary 125-point checklist and benchmark)
  • We determine the content that needs to be written or re-written
  • What software or customizations you’ll need to make
  • What are your goals and objectives for your customers?
  • What’s your ideal customer’s path/s through the site?
  • What are the key performance indicators that you want to track and measure?
  • Are there ebooks, white papers to be written?
  • We get access to any image repositories you may have, like internal shared folders.

The end deliverable is a Roadmap (imagine that). It is a Statement of Work, a plan of action and a pricing plan all in one. And here’s the beauty of it. If you choose, you can take it to anyone to proceed. This will contain the proposal that you will approve before the story, design and development begins.

2. story

Content Gathering, Writing and Imagery Recommendations

  • Once the website agreement is complete, one of the first phases is figuring out the story that you are going to tell.
  • We interview your subject matter experts.
  • We create fictional buyer personas (avatars) for the people who will be browsing your website.
  • We execute the content gathering process
*Note: The story process can happen a few different ways ranging from “Reskin” to “Mr. Potato Head” to “From Scratch”
  • Reskin - Using all of your existing website content and giving your site a new design without much content work
  • Potato Head - Your content needs rework. You can hire a writer or have someone in-house do it to provide development-ready content. Or we can split up the workload. We’ve done it every way imaginable.
  • From scratch - Imagining your website from nothing and writing all of your content. We do this as a turnkey solution

3. design

This is where design and story overlap a bit, depending on the scope of the content project.

  • On a reskin, we’ll go directly to wireframe and design. We provide clickable “flat” design links for you to get the look and feel of the website. We make adjustments here, and then after approval of the design, we move it to development. Easy peasy.
  • On a potato head, we may do some initial story work before going to the wireframe. We’ll determine the wireframes of usually the home page and maybe important interior page templates. This will guide the copy process. When the first drafts of the copy are complete and the imagery are chosen, we’ll go to design and do the designs to the copy. As you can tell, this takes longer up front but provides you a more efficient overall process (cost and time).
  • On a from scratch project, we’ll follow the same process as a Potato Head except the upfront work may take a bit longer to nail.

4. Development

Development is where we take the pixel-perfect designs and move them into a build phase.

  • Think of it like building a house. Design is the blueprint process where you can move walls fairly easily. Development is building the walls. (So to carry the analogy, it’s obviously more cost efficient to move a wall in the design phase rather than the development stage.)
  • We code out the pages and create the page templates.
  • And in most cases, we’ll mount the coded design to the WordPress content management system.
  • We go through extensive browser testing for mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • And we have the development site on a development server, so you can see the process.
  • And then we LAUNCH it.
  • We have a proprietary 30-point launch checklist ensuring that your site is launched seamlessly for your customers.

5. WordPress Management Package

  • In short, this is a quarterly fee agreement that has two components: (1) monthly updates to the core WordPress software and (2) a bank of quarterly priority support hours for edits to the website.

Tell me, what all is involved in the Roadmap?

Roadmap Summary

A roadmap is a comprehensive scope of work, estimate and opportunity document and it consists of four main areas: story and content audit, research, website planning and a pricing plan.

Story and Content audit

  • What story is your business trying to tell? What will grow your business?
  • On your website, what needs to be written, what needs to be re-written?


  • Buyer persona and audience questions
  • Top 3 Competitor online presence analysis
  • SEO and Local SEO - Search engine ranking and opportunity audit
  • Language selections - what language options need to be present on your site

Website planning

  • Website sitemap
  • Wireframe creation - Home page and internal pages
  • Image and video needs
  • 3D Asset list - Equipment reference photos and/or 3D structure files (Solidworks / STEP exports, FBX, OBJ or others)
  • High-level Marketing opportunities - possible trade journal opportunities, ongoing SEO efforts
  • Technical background - where will the site be hosted, what space
  • Software needs - will it be on a software platform?

Pricing plan

The final deliverable will be a recommended scope of work for your business fit to your company's needs, a cost estimate for the initial project build and possible on-going marketing opportunities after the project build.


What we create is stories that sell. It really does start with the story. The message. What are we trying to say? What are we trying to accomplish? Who are we speaking to what are their mindsets? What’s in their heart?

And it works. But don’t take it from us, this is what our customers say:

Prompt, professional and easy to work with.

President, Energy Industry Consultancy

HBB helped our company grow revenue and establish our brand. They have many tools to help build sustainable growth. Great company and I would highly recommend.

President, Secondary
Containment Segment

HandBuiltBrands has provided our company with superior quality 3D rendering, videos, and other marketing material with quick turn-around.

Business Development, Well Testing

Matt and his team always exceed expectations. Whether it's assisting with the creative or executing on a project, ... their support makes it feel like I'm working with an in house team. I couldn't recommend them strongly enough.

President, Nitrogen Services Segment

Roadmap Expectations

The Roadmap process typically takes 2 meetings over the course of 2 weeks. Below is a rough guide of what to expect for these meetings:

Phase 1 - Research Workshop


Discuss your buyer personas - who are the top 3 key stakeholders or audience of your online presence?


Discuss your story - what story are you trying to tell? Why do you think people buy from you rather than someone else?


What products and services are you trying to feature? How do people find you currently? How do they know your products exist?

Seed keywords

If someone was typing 5 different queries into a search engine, for what keywords would you want to show?


What CRM do you use currently? Ideally, we'll want to know how a website can work within your existing sales and operations process. What aspects of your business can or should exist on your website?

Key Performance Indicators

What do you want people to do on your website? Identify your ideal user experience and flow.

Sitemap step 1

What pages are on your website currently? What parts of the site need to eventually be built out?


You'll give us access to a current image repository

Access to online properties

We'll need access to your website and digital marketing properties.

Digital marketing properties

HubSpot (if applicable), Analytics (Google Analytics or others), Google Search Console, Facebook, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google My Business, local directory logins, etc.

Website access

Website content management system access, FTP access, database access

Business value

A new online presence can help you increase sales or enhance the value of your business. Can we quantify it?

Budget ranges

What budget ranges do you have in mind for the build? We help provide counsel on this. That's what we're here for.

"Opportunities" and Story Flow Workshop

Search engine presence
  • Review our proprietary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local SEO audits
  • These identify the technical fixes that will need to be made, the opportunities that exist and it provides a benchmark against which to measure future efforts.
*There are times when meetings are combined if we are able to do more work up front or in meeting 1.
Estimate and Proposal Presentation

After the planning work is completed, we'll meet to present our estimate, proposal and roadmap for your online growth. We'll present you an online document and give you the link afterward, so you can discuss with your stakeholders prior to approval, if necessary.

Pre-meeting Checklist Questions and needs

  • Roadmap agreement signed and payment complete
  • Analytics access (like Google Analytics)
  • Google Search Console access
  • Google My Business
  • Keyword results - What are the top 3 queries you think people currently use to find your business?
  • Keyword wishlist - What are the top 3 queries that you want for people to search to find your business?
  • CRM - do you track your prospects/leads and sales in a CRM (by person and by $)?
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Facebook Page access (Business account access if applicable)
  • Logo - Can you send us your logo as an EPS (also known as a vector file)?
  • Visuals - Do you have brand guidelines/standards? What are the fonts and colors you use?
  • Sales collateral - do you have a consistent visual system in place? (Can you send brochure examples you are currently using)
  • Website - we'll need access to the website (the CMS, like Wordpress for example), the FTP server (if you use one, or wherever the site is hosted), databases and the domain registrar (like GoDaddy, if possible)
  • CMS access if applicable - Administrator username/password - (like Wordpress credentials)
  • FTP server credentials to the root folder - IP, username, password, Access to the database if a CMS is used
  • Technical audit - When was the last time a technical SEO audit was performed on the website?
  • When was the last time your website was designed?

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