About HandBuiltBrands

In a word (well, three words), we’re an online marketing boutique. We help customers generate more traffic and increase their revenue through three cornerstone programs–3D animation, custom websites and Google Maps–at which we excel and which have proven to produce results.

That’s the tl;dr version. But if you’ll allow us to elaborate, we’ll try to make it worth your while…

Let’s start with our name. When something is crafted by hand, you know it’s top-shelf. Everyone who looks at it can tell that someone with years of hard-earned experience labored over it and took their time on it, and gave it a human touch that no machine or program could ever replicate. That’s us.

HandBuiltBrands is a collection of men and women who are passionate about transforming our talents and ideas into higher traffic, higher revenue, and higher customer satisfaction. Seeing your business boom is the reason we do what we do.

Our programs were forged in the fires of our own experiences building our business. We’ve simplified the business down to these three programs because we’re really good at them (if we do say so ourselves), and we keep getting better at them every single day; and we strive to be the best in the world at them.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed with purpose in mind. And, they interlink in what we call the flywheel. Each one of our programs helps the others work better and enhances experiences customers have.

Custom 3D Animation

Our custom 3D animation services work incredibly to help your sales team sell, but they also enhance the way your website looks and draws people in. They also help with search engine rankings, allowing people to find you easier.

Maybe we’re just nerds (it’s entirely possible), but we think an expertly crafted 3D animation is super cool.

But it’s not just our opinion that they’re good for your website. In addition to generally enhancing the overall look, and the obvious benefit of being able to convey complex information, 3D animations also impact search engine rankings and help people find your easier.

Custom Websites

When we couple this program with our custom designed websites, it helps improve the impression every person who visits your site has of your company. It’s where we started building our business. We’re constantly trying to perfect the process to ensure that building your business’s first impression online (your website) is as turnkey as possible.

And when we say custom, we mean it. From the creation of a Roadmap, through Design/Development to turnkey Management options, our team works with you to give your business the digital mansion of your dreams.

Google Maps Boost

Both of our other programs play a part here, along with nearly a dozen other best practices to optimize the way your company or office shows up in a Google search. Handle Maps wrong and you’re missing out on local, highly motivated potential customers, so this one is huge.

Basically it’s boost your Maps, boost your business.

Why We Work Like This

…This one’s easy: because we love it. Building businesses up puts fuel in our tanks. We thrive on the excitement of seeing businesses grow and making new friends. And not to get too Hallmark-y, but we honestly believe it makes the world a little better every time we’re able to tell more people about awesome products and services.

Our distributed team is diverse and diffuse, but our biggest unifying factor is our full commitment to our core values.

Our Core Values

At HandBuiltBrands, these are the attributes we have to see from every member of our team:


Persistence, hard worker and resourcefulness




Impact per dollar

Fun to work with

The HandBuiltBrands Core Values

We’re picky about the people we bring in to work with us. Talent may be first on the list, but haven’t we all been around people who are talented and zero fun to work with? Life’s too short for that.

Incidentally, we work best with clients who jibe with these traits as well. We want our experience together to be pleasant and profitable for all involved, and we think these seven values ensure that.

We also value these core values in our clients. We aim to work with clients who share our passions, interests, and values.

How We Came to Be

Our founder, Matt, started our company in 2013 with a vision of a business where people could:

Do work that matters and makes a dent in the world;

Do something that they’re good at (duh);

Maintain a work-life balance where time with family comes first, is recognized, and valued; and

Earn a solid income.

HandBuiltBrands is very careful about the people we bring in to work with us. Though we value skilled and talented professionals, every other core value is equally important. Each one contributes to the value we bring to our customers and how effective we are at growing their business.

Where We Are Going

The operation has changed since Day 1, but Matt’s vision for HandBuiltBrands is still going strong inside each of us.

Our company has streamlined its services to ensure we are always providing the very best level of workmanship in these areas. We have simplified because we are dedicated to being the best in these areas. Yet, we are growing, and we continue to tap into new areas to fit client needs.

Nevertheless, inside those key areas are a million and one ways we’re constantly evolving our skills, exploring new avenues and bowling clients over. Our goal is to help your business reach your goals.


About Matt Marquart, Founder, HandBuiltBrands

Hi, I’m Matt Marquart, and I founded HandBuiltBrands.

I intended HandBuiltBrands to be a generalist agency. We wanted to work on any type of project, at any time, for anyone. I assembled a great creative services and digital marketing team, and we were exactly what I intended us to be.

But I noticed something. Of the 50 different services we were providing, we were really good at a handful of them.

So, we made a decision to simplify.

A lot of people call that step “specialization,” but I think that’ll only be applicable if we ever got to 1 thing. It might end up being all these things as one thing. But until the day where we don’t have an “and” in what we do, I’m gonna say that this process is a simplification.

These foundational programs are the always evolving products of passion. We love doing these and can do them all day, every day. And we think that we are better at performing these for our customers than anyone else in the world.

My background

I came into marketing very honestly. My dad was a big believer in marketing and helped launch very successful consumer brands in the U.S. He passed that to the rest of us.

In High School journalism, I fell into the role of advertising manager. In college, I didn’t fall in love, I chose to “step into love” with advertising my freshman year. And I saw a path for myself. I enjoy/ed it. It’s fun, and I’m ok being the black sheep at like every family get together.

I worked for several great advertising agencies, JWT and Love Advertising in Houston.

During the same week in 2013, I finished the Rice MBA program, resigned from my job and started HandBuiltBrands. Oh and we moved houses that week too.

My wife and I have 4 girls, and we’re living the dream. If you ask me how we’re doing, that’s probably what I’ll say.

If you’re looking to embark into a career like this one

If you’re looking for help explaining your product/business/service

If you’re looking to get more views, more visits (and more money)

Email me. I’d love to hear from you.

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We have a whole category of “Culture” articles that are
1. How we operate (also a good bit of how I operate)
2. The tools we use
3. Stuff we believe it.

The “name” of our blog is “The Grand Experiment,” which how I personally view all of this.

In my opinion, everything in the Culture area is a must-read article if you’re looking to learn more about HandBuiltBrands, but if you want the favorite articles, it’s these:

A Story about Core Values
Commitment Super System

We love what we do and hope that that comes through.

All of this is all done in a spirit of continuous improvement. But the fork of that is that all of us are really in a mode of lifestyle design.

Yeah we’re always driven for our clients’ growth. And we’re driven for our own growth too. We believe those are absolutely not mutually exclusive.

HandBuiltBrands, LLC

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