I just want to be seen more. And I want more revenue.

At HandBuiltBrands, we have created three cornerstone programs to help our customers be seen more and to:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Sell more
  • Improve your customer's first impression of you
  • Increase calls and traffic
  • Increase new customers or patients

Let HandBuiltBrands be your guide. Click one of these three proven programs below to learn more about how each can help your business grow.

Custom 3D Animation
Custom Website Design and Wordpress Development
Google Maps Boost

(1) Custom 3D Animated Videos

Simply explain complex, technical processes and SELL.

Our Custom 3D animations are, at their heart, sales videos.

We create 3D animated videos of technical products and processes.

We explain them simply, in a way that knocks a buyer’s socks off.

(2) Custom Website Design and Development

Improve your company's first impression, and tell your story in a way that helps you sell and grow with our 3 proven products of the Custom Website Program:


Every engagement begins with a roadmap. This is a paid engagement — a project scoping and pricing plan workshop — where over the course of 2-3 meetings, we gather all of the details of the project, develop the sitemap, tease out the design criteria, identify ideal customer / user paths and in general, figure out what this website is going to be about.

Design and Development

Every site we create is a custom design and development.


For the peace of mind of our customers, we created a website management package that is turnkey and allows our customers to focus on their business, not their website.

(3) Google Maps Boost

This program has one sole focus and that’s to help practices (like orthopedic surgeons for example) rank higher in Google Maps to drive more patients to the office. The other benefits are that the program ensures a consistent, accurate presence on internet directories, and thus, patients are happier.

The program expands the content of the website and implements best practices for organic search engine optimization that provides an additional boost.

Why is the company named HandBuiltBrands?

It’s hard to tell our story without telling our genesis story. So:

Hi, I’m Matt Marquart, and I founded HandBuiltBrands.

I intended HandBuiltBrands to be a generalist agency. We wanted to work on any type of project, at any time, for anyone. I assembled a great creative services and digital marketing team, and we were exactly what I intended us to be.

But we noticed something. Of the 50 different services we were providing, we were really good at a handful of them.

So, we made a decision to simplify.

These foundational services listed on this page are the always evolving products of passion. We love doing these and can do them all day, every day. And we think that we are better at performing these for our customers than anyone else in the world.

HandBuiltBrands, LLC

Former address:

  HandBuiltBrands, L.L.C.
  8375 Westview Dr
  Houston, Texas 77055

Current office and mailing address:

  The Cannon
  1336 Brittmoore Rd
  Houston, TX 77043


Customer Service Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:30 am - 3 pm

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