Read if you’re looking for…

  • a top-notch 3D animation studio;
  • a beautiful 3D animated medical video;
  • an expert 3D animated energy video;
  • one of the best animation companies around, period.

Imagine if the famous Joe Esposito song were called “You’re the Twelfth Best Around.” Doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Nobody ever sets out to be anything but number one. Here at HandBuiltBrands, we want to be the greatest corporate 3D animation studio with a distributed workforce in the world. But to do that, we need to define what makes a great 3D animation company.

What makes the greatest corporate 3D animation studio in the world?

It would make sense to base an animation studio on the videos it churns out. Simple, right? Products from the best animation companies will inevitably be:

  • crisp, elegant, life-like, attractive, basically easy on the eyes in every way;
  • easily digested;
  • cleanly edited;
  • well-narrated or -scored;
  • informative and/or entertaining.

But hold on. Business doesn’t happen in a vacuum, there are other factors we have to consider. Like, what if every video a 3D animation agency makes has all of those winning attributes, but it takes them nine months to finish a 2-minute vid?

Or what if the company charges a bajillion dollars per animation?

Worst of all, what if no one ever sees the videos?

So there are other ingredients that make the animation business pie come together:


Agility means more than just being fast when it comes to animation. It’s being nimble, flexible, able to roll with the changes. (And if you’ve ever been involved with making an animation, you know there’s gonna be changes.) Agile 3D animation companies streamline the production process, prep for and overcome obstacles, and turn videos around quickly. And if the animation team is distributed all over the world, agile companies have to have flawless communication across the group and only ultra-reliable people on-board.


We’re talking about the impact per dollar (which happens to be one of our core values). To be considered great, a corporate animation or industrial animation has to deliver excellent, demonstrable ROI benefits, whether it’s pageviews, conversions, shares, or some other metric you’re targeting. Too high up-front costs obviously make it tough to recoup enough value on the other end to be profitable.


If a great video plays in the forest and there’s no customers around to be called to action, is it still a great video?

In a perfect world, the top animation studios would also be able to give you a new or upgraded version of your website as impressive as your new 3D animation where you could feature it. This website would be harnessing SEO best practices and sheer web design skillz (with a “z”) to deliver to your digital door more viewers for your videos and more potential customers than ever before.


You Be the Judge

So does HandBuiltBrands fit the bill of a world-class animation studio? We believe so, but we prefer to have our customers sing our praises rather than toot our own horn.

Want us to put our money where our mouth is? Email us today and put us to the test.