So I’m in a meeting with a customer who’s enrolled in our Google Maps Boost program. She also knew that we design and manage websites because well the Google Maps Boost program works on websites. And I’d told her that we do, previously.

We’d just finished talking about our other key program, the custom 3D animated video. She didn’t know that we did that. “Yeah, we’re good,” I said. “I’d put us up against anyone else in the world to create a sales video that explains a technical process.”

The conversation goes on, and it’s maybe 30 minutes later that this conversation comes up:

Customer: Well, I feel like I need to email my customers to tell them all of the stuff that we do.

Me: You don’t think your customers know what you do? (with a pinch of too much sass)

Customer: No. They tell me that all the time. They’ll hire us for one service, but then they don’t know that we do alllll this other stuff.

Me: huh …

Customer: I mean, that’s what we just talked about earlier! I didn’t know that you did 3D animations.

Me: [touche]

Customer: So, how should I tell them what we do?

It’s a great question. The simple answer is, well: tell them.

The not so simple answer is tell them in a way that:

  • matters
  • that’s relevant to their business problem and
  • in a way that they can’t ignore.

Yeah, that’s where the whole marketing deal gets a little mushy.