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“TVF – ‘Tomorrow’”

This is one of my favorite videos yet that we’ve made.

It was spawned from a single idea of a Houston Police drone chasing a Mustang down I-10, and we could never quite get the idea to work with the Mustang as the protagonist.

But a couple of ideas came through together to make this all work.

First, oil had just crashed. And Houston wasn’t reeling but it was kind of lurching. So that really formed the copy of the story.

Second, Tommie Vaughn Ford is a mainstay of Houston.

Third, we’re crazy.

So we built a story in 3D of different Ford truck models driving east on I-10 towards downtown. As the truck passes under an overpass, the time period/decade shifts.

The first frame is black and white and then it transitions to where you can can see the old Houston to Katy MKT railroad on the North side of the road.
Then present day. Note the Easter eggs like the actual freeway signs.

Then it starts shifting. My strengths finder test says I’m a futurist fwiw. I digress.

All of a sudden there’s a Ford truck and future self driving silver cars everywhere and a tube like a hyperloop. But there’s still someone driving a big Ford truck. This is the part of the video where you start to move into downtown. We made a call on Houston traffic and said there needs to be an elevated going into downtown from I-10. Just saying.

And you start to see how we imagine downtown may be looking in the future.

On the right hand side is an actual model of downtown Houston. All the buildings with their appropriate textures. On the left hand side is some crazy future version of Houston just north of the central business district. And in the sky there’s flying things kind of like there were Zeppelins around the futuristic Empire State Building way back in the day.

And at the very end is police drone. The idea that started the whole thing. Except it’s not going after our Ford truck. It’s getting the bad guy.


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