‘Jui Jitsu’

“‘Jui Jitsu’”

This was a really important video in the life of this company.

It was the video that we pioneered the Rapid Prototype process. Creating an RP is now what sets us apart. It allows us to create and test the story before going to full production.

And we had an “amazing” client. (It was me.)

My dad had passed away about a month before I had this product idea. I was out hunting in the early hours one morning before the sun came up and heard coyotes howl.

We had an Amazon Echo at home. And we have these supercomputers in our pockets. With microphones.

So I was thinking why can’t this product exist?

Better: let’s make a video for it!

A few months earlier, we had just finished production on a painful project. We got to the end of full production and realized the story was broken. It just didn’t work. And we’d spent a month in full production … Burned. And there was another four weeks that we needed to redo it.

No one likes rework. No one likes budget overruns.

We needed a better process.

And because I was in acute grief, and I had an idea, my screws were just loose enough to put this together.

There’s a lot of cool tech ideas in this.

The design of the process and concept.

The drone uses a Dyson-fan style of lift which would be silent and powerful.

The dart has poison and can measure biometric electricity. It can be armed from an app. And it has a GPS tracker included.

It’s 100% certifiably crazy. It doesn’t exist. But we still made it.

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