Exodus – ‘Revision’

“Exodus – ‘Revision’”

Creating a 3D Medical Device Video

Any 3D medical device animation is going to serve several audiences, but the key to creating a great sales video is to know them well and most importantly, who is the primary audience.

In this video, there is one, clear cut primary audience: Surgeons. The surgeon will use the device. The benefits mentioned revolve around how surgeons think. And the linguistics in the script were crafted for surgeons; in fact, some of the copy is from verbatims from our story workshop and interviews.

If there’s one thing you need to keep in mind when creating a video, it’s to Know Thy Audience.

There’s several “over-the-shoulder” audiences in this video which if you’re familiar with the industry, you can probably guess those. But to effectively communicate to the over-the-shoulder audiences, all they really want to know is “do surgeons get it.” So, even for every other audience, it’s important to talk to your primary audience.

Creating the medical device visuals

Here’s the 2nd awesome thing about a 3D animated video for medical devices:

If you have the device in Solidworks or CAD, you can export a STEP file, and we can use that to create exact visual replicas of your device. And it doesn’t even have to be prototyped yet, we can give it a photorealistic look simply from the structure files.

“Here’s How it Works:”

These are some of my favorite words.

And here’s the key: You show the benefits and features of the product while showing exactly how your customers will use it.

Walk through the process. People want to see how it actually works. That’s huge and something you usually can’t get from another medium.


But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the client had to say about it:

“Matt and his team at HandBuilt were incredible stewards of our brand and message. They took the time to understand our goals, our budget, and our product, and then worked interactively with us through an efficient process – script, prototype, video. During each step, they were patient with our feedback and happy to iterate to get things just right. Beyond their attention to the technical details we were particular about, their creativity really brought our product to life. Matt was incredibly responsive, drove quick turnaround, and ultimately produced a product that far exceeded my team’s expectations. I would confidently recommend HandBuiltBrands to anyone!”

“Matt and his team did a fantastic job capturing our message in a beautiful animation that allows us to connect with our customers by telling our story the right way!”


For more information on the product this is actually selling, visit ExodusRevision.com


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