Imagine this, a prospect or customer asks you on the phone or in a meeting to send more information on [that awesome product or service that you sell].

You say, yep, I’ve got just the thing.

And you send them to a page that has been specifically written to address what they are asking about and what they are looking for.

And on that page is a 3D animated video perfectly explaining how that technical product or process works.

Case Study – Demand Response for Data Centers

MP2 Energy needed a good way to show data centers that benefits of having a demand response program in place. They wanted to show that they knew what they are talking about and to show some benefits that a data center may not think of when they have a demand response program.



See, here’s what people do: they land on a page, scroll down, see words, scroll back up and hit play. Then, they read the highlights of the page. Is that by chance what you just did too?

Or take this example.

Infinity Power Partners wanted to be able to have a video on their website that explained exactly what their proprietary software, IP3 does and how it helps.



Worldwide Power Products did the exact same thing with this video, Natural Gas Generators.



These videos are also really helpful to use clips of in presentations.

Buske Logisitics wanted a video that showed how their process was better and purpose-driven for automotive OEMs. This was a really niche audience.