• December 13, 2019
  • Advice
  • Matt Marquart

There are various styles that our team uses to tell stories for clients. Our team will recommend different types of styles for different circumstances. The styles we discuss here are:

  • Graphic-driven 2D Animation
  • 2.5D Isometric
  • 3D Conceptual
  • 3D Photorealistic
  • Kinetic Typography


2D Animation – Graphic-driven

2D can be the simplest videos to produce. They are a strong option for communicating simple concepts clearly and visually. These are great options for training videos, presentations, and existing material that has been presented in longer formats and need to be shortened to be appropriate for the video format.


2.5D Isometric

This style tricks the eye. It’s realistic enough that it’s familiar to the audience. However, it’s just different enough that the audience knows that it’s conceptual. 2.5D Isometric is outstanding for showing conceptual concepts simply because it is in itself conceptual.



3D Conceptual

3D Conceptual videos are a great way to showcase a process or service in a stunning visual format. To borrow the animation metaphor, it’s comparing the Little Mermaid (2D) to Toy Story (3D); it’s showing the process or service in a different dimension.



3D Photorealistic

Sometimes, you just have to show it off. 3D Photorealistic works best in 2 scenarios: (1) trying to show someone something that you cannot show them in person (because of distance, convenience or the fact that it’s something that’s underground or in the human body) or (2) a prototype that does not yet exist. For example, something might be in Solidworks but not produced and you need to show someone, like investors, what it is and how it works.



Kinetic Typography

Another style that is closer to 2D in most circumstances is Kinetic Typography. This style relies on the strength of the copy and the story and teases along a viewer in a see-and-say style. The best renditions of KT use whimsy and clever ways to bring someone into the written story visually.

Bonus: Looping Graphics

On websites, looping video works beautifully. Sometimes, it needs to tell a story in a chart. Or sometimes, it’s simply a graphic that is more visually engaging than a static graphic.




And every video follows our proprietary 3-step process:

Learn more on our 3D Animated Video page.