In today’s world of digital marketing, it can be frustrating when your website just isn’t converting. For the amount of time and money it takes to maintain your site, it should be a key marketing tool, not background noise that eats up your time and energy.

Luckily, most ineffective websites have the same issues. In fact, there are certain signs that almost guarantee that your website won’t perform. Before overhauling your online strategy, make sure that you haven’t fallen into one of these three common traps.

  1. Your site lacks engaging content. If a user comes to your site and sees paragraphs of text, they are much less likely to engage with your content and click around the site. Instead, entrance the viewer with pictures, sliding banners, and even videos; they will be much more likely to stick around.
  2. Your site doesn’t convey your company’s mission. You only have a few seconds to convince a potential customer that your product or service will meet their needs. If your website doesn’t make it expressly clear that you sell the product they are looking for and it is the best, they will be much more likely to close the tab. To remedy this, add pictures or videos of your product on the front page, or consider changing your domain name to better reflect your product.
  3. Your site isn’t visible to your target market. Here’s the bad news–just because your site comes up on the first page of Google for you doesn’t mean that it shows up for someone else. Many times, business owners are tricked into thinking that their SEO is better than it actually is, all because Google’s algorithms recognize that you like to visit your own site. So if you have great content on your site, the problem is with its visibility, not its quality. To optimize your SEO, make sure to include relevant keywords in the title, a subheading, and twice in the body. If your site includes lots of multimedia, write “text tags” with relevant keywords and attach them to your videos and pictures–that way, they will show up on Google Images or Video.

When your site is deficient in even one of these areas, it is almost impossible to pull in the right amount of traffic and get good lead generation. Building a successful business and brand requires a strong online presence, so one of these simple flaws could be fatal! In the end, the time you invest in fixing your website–whether it be content generation, SEO, or reorganization–will be well worth it in the end.

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