Every business strives to earn brand loyalty. How do you get people to get to know your brand? How do you get customers to the point where they say, “I love that company?”

When determining the best brand strategy to build up your brand, you need to incorporate some of the basic elements of marketing: segmentation and touch points. Who are you selling your product to? And how do you make these people – subgroups within your much larger group – feel as though they are the most special people around? And how do you manage contact with them regularly?

Once you have this going well, branding can happen in different ways. Consider:

  1. Name Recognition: There are some names that are so well-known, consumers know exactly what they are dealing with. Whether it is Coca Cola or Instagram, the public has a fairly clear idea of what they are dealing with. It’s consistent and does not try to change too much – Coke learned that back in the 80’s with New Coke. Disastrous lesson learned. They survived only because they had a strong following to begin with. As for Instagram, people may use it for different purposes, but it has not changed its tune: it is a place to post digital photos. Use them for activism, showcasing your art, bragging about your cat’s musical talents, or whatever; the platform and logo remain the same.
  2. Attitude Branding: We have to talk about your attitude. Unlike middle school, now it’s good to have one. How do you feel about stuff? Do you like bratty athletes? Do you care about puppies? Are you a fan of nerd culture? Whatever it is, as long as you don’t alienate too many others – you may have to walk a fine line here – be loud, proud and consistent with how you feel.
  3. Brand Extension Also known as “brand stretching,” this is an excellent way to grow your business. You will see new opportunities arise in the course of your business’s life. Rather than create an entirely new brand, you can simply stretch the current brand into a new market. For example, a fashion designer known for handbags can find success in the home decor world, still using his name. The extension is adjacent to the first business that it is still connected to aesthetics and design: an idea that is logically transferable in the customers’ minds. Loyalty to the initial brand will expand the customer base and allow for overall growth in the market and your business.

Combined with the company’s mission statement and used consistently (this seems to be a theme here), choosing and sticking with a specific brand strategy can have large payoffs for the future.

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