• November 09, 2017
  • Culture
  • Matt Marquart

The story I’m telling myself here is that within the high-end camo world, there’s a ton of selection. Each brand has a bunch of SKUs, and if you’re just wading in for the first time (or buying for someone else), it can be daunting.

I’m giving you my favorites in case you’re wondering what that wanna-be outdoorsman in your life wants for the Holidays and you don’t want to text me to ask.

Alas, I live in the city and get to wear camo functionally about as many times in a year as I have fingers. So my go to is solids, and that’s what dominates this gift guide. My camo recommendation is at the bottom.

This is separated into four sections: Outer, Tops, Bottom and Gear.

Is it silly to have a high-end outdoors product review post?

Absolutely yes. But it shouldn’t be this hard to find awesome stuff!

Truthfully, you can throw a dart at any of these companies’ products and win, but these are what works for my blend of Houston/south Texas – Urban/Deer/Dove/Quail pursuits.





KUIU Guide Jacket (Color: Black/Phantom) – This is my top recommendation. It’s super awesome. Great for anywhere from the mid 50s to 30s when you layer up. Stops the wind. Has armpit heatdump vents. It’s fitted but also has room to layer up underneath. And chest pockets. ***



Sitka Jetstream Vest (Color: SITKA Black) – Dude, this thing is sweet. But dayum, it’s got a cost for no sleeves. This Phantom tiger here would be my runner up in the vest world. *

KUIU Merino ULTRA 145 Zip-T (Color: Charcoal/Black – Coming soon) Light but warm. Wear this as a base layer under something like the Tiburon top on a cool day. That seems backwards, but it works.**

Sitka Core Lightweight Hoody – (Color: Sitka Black, duh) – The Core lightweight hoody has always been a killer product, and if you can pull off a hoody in the city, this is for you.***



Sitka Ascent Pant (Color: Pyrite – New this year)*

Note on Ascent: If you have the Ascent pants from several years ago, they are much lighter now. They feel awesome.

KUIU Attack Pant (Color: Phantom is the tried and true color here. Camel looks pretty salty, and I might have a Gunmetal to review soon.) Word of caution: their website does not show the colors IRL. Like the Tiburon “Khaki” is more of an olive. “Major Brown” is probably closer to “Minor Green.” I’ve voiced my concern with this FTR in a strongly worded direct message.**

KUIU Tiburon Pant – I’m told that there’s a Tiburon Phantom coming soon. I’d hold for that. In Houston or south Texas, I’d wear Tiburon pants everyday of the week if I could. ***

Simms Guide Pant – (Color: Mineral) Pretty safe play here. Great pant. It’s lightweight, so it’ll get year-round play.**



Sitka Mountain Glove (Color: Sitka Black) – Killer black glove *

KUIU Attack Glove – not necessarily a cold weather glove and only available in camo, but es gud. ***

Sitka Ascent Vest – really cool concept and only available in the Subalpine. Kind of a have-it-all-together-and-go type of thing (but not a backpack, obvie) *

KUIU Zip Dry Bag – I love finding good bags to pack my weekend stuff in, as small as possible. *

Boots and Gaiter combo (consider this in Beta, I don’t own them, but I’ve heard it’s a game changer.) **

Sitka heavy neck gaiter *

 Updated 11-8-17

Note: If you’re going to go camo, I recommend the Sitka Subalpine line or the KUIU Verde 2.0. But the thing is, if you’re going to start a system, you end up going all the way. And if you’re going all the way, that’s best done over the course of several years IMHO.


***Personally field (ahem, urban) tested and recommend

** 3rd-party recommendation to me that I trust, but I haven’t tried it. It’s on my list.

* On my list and it looks awesome.