Industrial animation visualizes and demonstrates complex, technical processes. Many companies think of industrial animation services as part of a marketing or advertising initiative, but the applications are broader than you might think. Here are some effective ways to use industrial animation services that might surprise you:

Employee training and onboarding:

Industrial animation is an excellent tool for new hires, giving broad operational overviews, or more specific demonstrations as necessary. It eliminates distractions like actors and environments, focusing the attention of trainees on only the relevant information. Industrial animation can also be used for training existing employees, showing processes and systems in detail, in a way that can be self-directed, uniform across multiple deployments, and testable.

Change management and new initiatives:

Industrial animation services are a great way to demonstrate new ideas and explore new concepts. Animations can easily demonstrate proposed solutions and alternatives, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed about aspects and implications of a change before investing in costly real-world implementation.

Augment design processes:

Since design and prototyping typically take place in a 3D environment, it’s easy to go the next step and add industrial animation. While images reveal what an object looks like, an animation can demonstrate functionality in a way that still images cannot. Industrial animation visualizes the thought processes behind design decisions, enhancing the existing work of a design or research department.

Industrial animation services have uses far beyond simply marketing and advertising, and can be deployed throughout an organization, every time complex processes and technologies need to be communicated.

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