Promoting software and other digital properties with video

The most classic example is to use screen capture technology to a written script and then do a professional voiceover synced to the video, using a piece of software like Camtasia.

These are examples of what you can do instead of that to make software stand out.

On-screen graphics on top of live action video

This is a piece we did for Beauty Now, and in several scenes, we showed a user interacting with the app and showed the user interface as on-screen graphics:


3D environment with 2D conceptual motion graphics

If you don’t want to film live action video, you can create a conceptual 3D environment to tell your user’s story and use on-screen graphics to showcase the software.


This is an example from Advanced Ranch Management.



2D On-screen Conceptual Graphics

You can use a conceptual software look and simply use 2D motion graphics to do the video.

Examples of 2D motion graphics are what most of this video for the City of Houston Open Data program uses:



2D Animation of Software Screenshots

Or you can animate the screenshots from the software:


3D Promotional Video with 3D Conceptual Graphics

It can be simply a 3D video that explains technical processes. We know a company who does that.



There’s lots of options.