• July 17, 2017
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If you’ve been looking for a new way to market your business without coming off as too promotional, it may be time to consider 3D video marketing. A recent HubSpot statistics survey found that four times as many customers would rather watch a video than read about a product and marketers that use video grow revenue almost 50% faster than their non-video using competitors. The only question is, how will you incorporate 3D video into your existing marketing plan?


The University
Want to create more conversions and encourage users to spend more time on your website? You can use videos explaining your services and products to create an ‘online university’. This provides an engaging way for your customers to explore what you have to offer without scrolling through pages of text.

Lead Nurturing
Once you have a lead on your website, you want to welcome them to your service and guide them through to conversion. A video is a great way to ‘personally’ invite them to try your services while requiring no effort on their part to seek information. This nurtures your leads and encourages them down the sales funnel.

3D Proposal Videos
When making business proposals, it can help to have a little ‘zip’ to your visual assets. 3D Videos, with or without dialogue, are a great way to engage your audience and help them visualize your plan.

Important Meetings
If there’s an important sales meeting coming up and you’d like to make the best impression possible, don’t use generic material. You can make a custom video just for that meeting that will enhance your points and entice your potential clients.


Facebook Video Ads
A great to raise awareness is promote your product or services in Facebook video to become one of the 100 million hours of video watched on Facebook every day. These videos should be kept to about 30 seconds or less.

TV Ads
While online sources are growing in popularity, a large percentage of the population still buys and watches satellite and cable television. You can get your promotional videos out there and into the public view with a few high-quality TV ads.

Your Website
Almost every part of your website can be spiced up with engaging 3D videos. Have the founder host an ‘about us’ clip, show demonstrations of using your products, and host helpful how-to’s for inbound marketing.

Email to Landing Page
If you have an email marketing campaign, you can include videos either in the email itself or in the customized landing page welcoming new leads to try your services.


Wistia Heatmaps
Naturally, you want to know how well your videos are doing and which sections are most popular. A Wistia heatmap will show you a graphical representation of which parts each veiwer watched steadily, skipped, or rolled back and watched a second time.

Lucky Orange
If you’ve ever wondered what makes a user stay or go, Lucky Orange offers a visitor tracking service that records not only what page visitors looked at, but also mouse movements and keystrokes. This can reveal in-depth knowledge of your user experience and what they were feeling as they surf your website.

Video marketing is a powerful tool and you can start using it at any time. Whether you’ve just opened your website or have a long-running marketing plan, 3D videos are ready to start engaging your audience and enriching your content.

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