• November 19, 2019
  • Advice
  • Matt Marquart

Do you think this should be a video or do you think it should be a webpage?

More often than not, I’ll say, I think it should be both.

First, people consume content differently in different situations. There’s times I’ll want to read something short, read something long. There’s times when all you want is a <1 min video. There’s other times where you actually need to make a self-appointment to sit down and watch something longer. It totally depends on the circumstances and the nature of the content.

The Benefits of Video+Copy

Match your user’s preference and retain all of the advantages of copy + video when you use them together online.


For example, if a long-form video is in an investor data room, you can be sure that the video is going to be watched soup to nuts (as long as it’s engaging!).

And they can be paired differently in different circumstances.

Long-form video, short-form video, and copy

What combination of long/short form copy and video should you use to communicate your message?

Copy and Video each have incredible benefits and when they are used together, they each retain their individual benefits and then have additional benefits when used in conjunction with each other.

And let’s take this from a different angle …

What is Google looking for?

Pretty simple: Great Content

If you follow Google’s SearchLiason Twitter account, https://twitter.com/searchliaison, you’ll have some insight into when broad core algorithm updates occur and their counsel of what to do when they occur.

Spoiler: all Google advises you to do is to create great content.

Just have Great Content, sayeth the Goog

Just have Great Content, sayeth the Goog


IMHO, when you can spend the time creating it, great content means having video + copy = great content.

Not necessarily for every post/page. But for the important ones that you really want your audience to “get,” having both is great.

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