Google Maps Boost

Do you want to be seen more?

Do you want to make more money?

This is a program that gets your business ranking (higher) in Google Maps.

What's that? Why would you want to rank in Google Maps? It drives more views, traffic, patients and revenue to your practice.

See, someone searches in regular ole Google. And one of the first results is this oh so beautiful maps pack. You're one of the first things they see.

You are more credible to the potential patient. You appear close to them. It gives you credibility and authority.

Yes, those local results that come up in the search results are pulled directly from Google Maps. (and you can click here if you want to skip to the end of the story and know how that works)

The 3 Separate Systems in Search

There's typically 3 separate systems filtering stuff for you to see in the search results: Paid, Maps (local) and Organic.


Ya pay for these. These are the ads that come up at the top (and sometimes the bottom, and sometimes not at all like in the screenshot above). Right now, there's sometimes one in the map. For the Google results, that system is called Ads (formerly AdWords). It's the reason that G$$gle is Google (actually it's Alphabet, but let's just call them Google).


For lots of business categories, this is the lowest hanging fruit for how to drive relevant, interested, paying patients to your location as soon as possible. If you didn't know that you could do something about this, well, that's why you're here. This program focuses exclusively on giving your practice a Google Maps Boost. 

And want to see an Easter Egg, do a search and click the More places down arrow below the maps pack and you can see if your business is close to the three pack above. If you're not, change the search query to include your zip code. (Then, if you're still not, email me, and I'll personally give you three free tips you can implement today to start getting yourself there.) 


Optimizing your website and web presence for organic search is what's been referred to forever as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There's all sorts of techniques to this. These organic results have traditionally been the most credible with searchers. In recent years, these have been getting pushed down, way down on the search page in favor of ads and maps.

And, optimizing your site and web presence is an investment for maps and organic. i.e. the dollars you spend today pay dividends over time. They stay with you.


Everybody who searches in Google is searching google maps. If Google determines that a search has the slightest bit of local intent, a maps pack can get triggered. When a maps pack gets triggered, the maps pack is going to pull from the Google Maps rankings of what listings have the best blend of relevance, authority, credibility and proximity to the searcher. 

So yes, every patient using Google is using Google Maps.

  • New patients
  • Old patients
  • Referred patients
  • Patients who sit on rocks
  • Big patients
  • Skinny patients
  • Even patients with chicken pox
  • Mostly, it's local, awesome potential patients
  • Patients who are ready to visit


Optimizing your Google Maps listing starts with a portal called Google My Business (GMB). It needs to be verified, typically by a phone call. And there's broad categories within GMB that can apply to your practice.

Google My Business is also reading what's on your website, your homepage, your interior, what pages point to what, your content and sorts of stuff that ties into your relevance to the user's query.

Then there's citations. These are the places that your name, address, phone number and website show up all over the internet. If your business has not done active work to build or clean up citations, I can promise you that they are a mess. You'll be shocked. And they are helpful right? Not just to the search engines but to patients. It's helpful to have the correct name of the practice, the correct address, phone number, etc. on other websites. It's important to be consistent, in citations as in life. amiright?

What You Can Do to Improve Your Google Maps Presence

In short, you can do these things to improve your maps presence:

  • 1. Research, benchmark and audit - see where you are now and see what you need to improve
  • 2. Content audit - you need to take an evaluation of your website and content and see what additional content you need to have there to help inform patients (and add to your relevance for keywords)
  • 3. Google My Business account optimization - add lots of photos to your GMB listing amongst other things
  • 4. Citation (directory) cleanup 
  • 5. Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Website edits
  • 6. Citation building - find more places and directories where you can place your citation and do it
  • 7. Create locally-focused, service-oriented, helpful blog content on the reg
  • 8. Review gathering - Automate a process and use software (if necessary) to improve how many reviews you get from patients
  • 9. Set your systems in place and regularly check, report, tweak and keep going
  • 10. Keep up with the changes to the system - the maps system changes a lot. Keep up with it.

These 10 items are the basis for our Google Maps Boost for Practices program.

The program gets results. Once the program takes hold and we start seeing "signs of life," the views in search and views in maps start to pop.

If you do the work, you can help your website rise to the top of Google maps and search results. 

And the time and money you spend today will pay dividends for years.

Those results mean more new patients, more revenue.

If you're interested in learning more, it's best to start here.

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