With domestic production of oil steadily increasing, improved drilling technology is of utmost importance. With the U.S. expected to produce a record 10 million barrels a day in 2018, drilling technique will be paramount in order to minimize waste.

As technology advances, drilling rigs will evolve in order to keep up with demand. While the future is bright for drilling, companies that aren’t at the technological forefront run the risk of losing profit. An increase in hiring is inevitable as well. To train new employees on emerging equipment, a digital guide will be essential.

HandBuiltBrands creates drilling rig 3D animation to optimize rapid conception. With audio instruction, rotating graphics and clearly outlined components, grasping the mechanics will become much simpler. And beyond your employees, your drilling rigs will become accessible to the millions of people taking interest.

With their massive size and, well, oddly named parts (mousehole, doghouse, catwalk?), how could drilling rigs not spark interest? But with dozens of components and intricate systems, they are not easily explained on paper. And let’s face it, they don’t make for an ideal school field trip or tourist destination, so seeing one up close is not an option for most.

3D animation brings drilling rigs to life, from the comfort of one’s computer. What better way to generate revenue, interest and support, then digitally displaying your powerful rigs with 3D animation. With the next generation being digitally dependent, you’ll be sourcing your future employees as well. Let HandBuiltBrands transform your digital presence so you can focus on your business.