Real question: how do you tell an invisible person they are invisible?

It’s a hard one to grasp because for one, you and I have never been invisible. So obviously it’s a little hard to put yourself in the shoes of an invisible person.


What if your business is invisible?

That is, when someone wants to find someone like you, they don’t even have a chance to find you. (Again, because you’re invisible.)


You are a good doctor. You help patients. You have a great reputation.

But the way that Google search engine is currently set up for desktop and mobile favors Google maps. Well, ads and Google maps. But Google maps is the one that you can invest in and not pay per click.

Google is devoting a shocking amount of space in the search engine results page to maps.

Well, how do you rank in maps?

If you don’t know, the answer is probably: not well.


Back to the invisible part. Do You want to know a crazy statistic?

Only between 8-19% of a business’s views in search and views in maps are “branded.”

(In other words, people were not looking for your business. They were looking for your category of business.)

81-92% of your business’s views in search are discovery searches. THIS IS HUGE.

That patient was looking for anyone.

And the chances are that they found someone else.


If you would like to start learning more about how not to be invisible in Google Maps, we’ve put together the beginnings of this handy guide. And all you have to do is START HERE.

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