Water To Sea - Produced Water Treatment

Water To Sea – ‘Anthem’

Cactus Wellhead - Company Explainer Video

Cactus – ‘Who we are’ [Trailer only]

3D Medical Video Animation - Knee and Hip surgery medical device

Exodus – ‘Designed for Revisions. Designed for You.’

Celling Biosciences – ‘Collection’

Celling Biosciences – ‘Concentration’

Celling Biosciences – ‘Delivery’

Liberty Lift – ‘Beam Pumping Unit’

Liberty Lift – ‘XL’

Liberty Lift – ‘HyRate’

Solar Net Metering - Commercial - MP2 Energy - Shell Energy North America

MP2 Energy – ‘Solar Net Metering’ (Commercial)

Residential Solar Net Metering

MP2 Energy – ‘Simple’ (Residential Solar Net Metering)

MP2 Energy – ‘Solar Customer Journey’

Renters Legal Liability - it's a waiver, not renters insurance ok?

Renters Legal Liability – “Protect”

Water Vision – ‘How Thincell works’

Covenant Testing Technologies – ‘Pad Comparisons’

PTS – ‘Emergency Response’

MP2 Energy – ‘Demand Response for Data Centers’

MP2 Energy – ‘Generation’ (Object Animation)

MP2 Energy – ‘What is electricity?’

CETCO Energy Services – ‘Water’

Celling Biosciences – ‘ART BMC’

IN:C2 - using stem cells for spine surgery

Celling Biosciences – ‘IN:C2’

Celling Biosciences – ‘CHIAlif’

MedRebels – ‘What to expect on the day of your procedure’

Celling Biosciences – ‘HANDevice Technique’

Celling Biosciences – ‘2017 Trade Show Animation Compilation’


HandBuiltBrands – ‘8 Ways’

City of Houston – ‘Open Data’

‘Park and Ride in Houston’s Central Business District’

Tommie Vaughn Ford – ‘Tomorrow’

Tommie Vaughn Ford – ‘Gifts’

Infinity Power Partners – ‘Look Forward’

IP3 - Infinity's proprietary software for ERCOT predictive pricing

Infinity Power Partners – ‘Turn’

SRT – ‘Dirt Work’ [Full Circle]

Worldwide Power Partners – ‘Natural Gas Generator’

Worldwide Power Partners – ‘Dual Fuel’

Worldwide Power Partners – ‘Polishing’

SST – ‘Technology Center’

HandBuiltBrands – ‘Jui Jitsu’

Complete Block – ‘How’

Beauty Now – ‘Booked’

Buske Logistics Automotive Parts Sequencing

Buske Logisitics – ‘Sequencing’

Water Vision – ‘Thincell’ (2017)

Water Vision Thincell Electrochemical Process compared to electrocoagulation

Water Vision – ‘How Thincell’s electrochemical process compares to traditional electrocoagulation’ (2019)

Houston Public Library Foundation – ‘Children’s Book Sale’

Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center – ‘Knee Replacement Surgery’

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