• September 01, 2017
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In a world of instant connectivity, the number of people who make purchasing decisions based on the information they get from the internet is increasing everyday. Social media, email, video and infographics have become vehicles for the energy industry to connect with customers and prospects.

Reaching prospects is easy, but converting prospects into customers takes a little more innovation. Check out these creative marketing ideas energy companies can use to reach consumers and generate conversions.


Infographics are very popular because they are eye-catching, educational and super-quick to read. Infographics are easy to understand, and they work great for putting your brand and services in front of potential customers.

Illustrating a case study with an infographic is an effective way to connect with prospects by telling a story. Showing consumers how your products and services work for other people is a persuasive tactic that results in new customers.

Infographics are incredibly flexible. They flow well in social media ads for websites like Pinterest and Instagram. They are also a great way to add a touch of creativity to your email marketing campaign.


Introduce your company to leads with a 3D animated video. Brand recognition is key for marketing, and prospects respond to brands they recognize.

Like most people, clients in the energy industry want to know who they are doing business with. Rather than having prospects read a lengthy brochure or having them click on a link to your about page, introduce your company to prospective clients with a short video. Getting to know your brand will assure potential clients that they are making informed purchasing decisions.

Save your potential customers valuable time by explaining the complex services you offer in a 3D animated video. Whether it’s explaining onshore geological formations, a rendering of a tool working downhole, or explaining how retail electric supply and solar net metering works, it takes large blocks of text to explain services in the energy industry.

Time equals money, and prospective clients want to learn about your services in the quickest way possible. A short, 3D animated video will entice prospective clients to check out your company before they consider a competitor whose sales brochure will take 45 minutes of their time to read and comprehend.

In our increasingly digital world, the marketing possibilities are endless. Whether it’s through video, social media, infographics or email marketing, we have many more marketing ideas for energy companies.

So what marketing metrics should you measure once you get your marketing plans started?

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