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RP vs Full - Liberty Lift

What is a rapid prototype video?

We have a 3-step process to creating a 3D animated video. Story Rapid Prototype Full Production The goal of this article is to explain what a rapid prototype (RP) is and to show you examples of how it differs from the full production version.

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A breakdown of a 3D animated video – Apple Watch Series 4

Apple. The king of creating things that we really (, really, really) want. This is a breakdown of a 3-minute film that Apple created to promote the Apple Watch Series 4 in Q4 2018.

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How to promote software and digital technology with video

Promoting software and other digital properties with video The most classic example is to use screen capture technology to a written script and then do a professional voiceover synced to the video, using a piece of software like Camtasia. These are examples of what you can do instead of that to make software stand out. […]

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What Makes a Killer 3D Animation Studio?

Read if you’re looking for… a top-notch 3D animation studio; a beautiful 3D animated medical video; an expert 3D animated energy video; one of the best animation companies around, period. Imagine if the famous Joe Esposito song were called “You’re the Twelfth Best Around.” Doesn’t have quite the same ring. Nobody ever sets out to […]

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The 8 ways to use a 3D video in a sales presentation

“Sales Presentation” This could be a true 1-to-1 sales presentation. It could also be an investor pitch, a data room video, a website video. We broke down all of the 3D videos we’ve ever produced and categorized them into these 8 types of 3D videos.     Click for sound       1:07   […]

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3D Videos Assist with Sales to New and Current Customers

Most likely you already have your sales pitch honed. You know who your target market is, how to reach them and what they want to hear. If you have been presenting your product in person, perhaps with the aid of a well-developed power-point, you have probably been enjoying a bit of success and the commission […]

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Create Sales Videos that Increase Revenue and Boost Credibility

The key to successful sales conversions is not just a great product, but an engaging presentation. HandBuiltBrands has perfected the keys to a great pitch, and we want to show you how to wow your audience, boost sales, and create loyal business relationships that will benefit your company for years to come. Sales videos are […]

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Drilling Rig 3D Animation: Why It’s Essential Right Now

  With domestic production of oil steadily increasing, improved drilling technology is of utmost importance. With the U.S. expected to produce a record 10 million barrels a day in 2018, drilling technique will be paramount in order to minimize waste. As technology advances, drilling rigs will evolve in order to keep up with demand. While the future is […]

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3 Benefits Of Medical Device 3D Videos

When it comes to medical devices, especially those that require surgery, explaining procedures and complex devices require a degree of creativity that words, diagrams and even models simply don’t offer. 3D animated videos mixes creativity, information and explanations to convey complicated concepts in a very understandable way. To paint a picture of how 3D video excels at explaining […]

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How Corporate 3D animation Enhances Marketing

Most people think of live-action when they think of corporate video: on-camera interviews and testimonials, perhaps shots of locations and facilities. While those elements all have their place, using 3D animation in your corporate video can greatly enhance your brand and marketing. And when you’re in Houston TX, especially in the summer, it’s tough to […]

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