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What is a

“Brand in a Box?”

Our customers needed a flat-price for everything they needed to get their companies up and running, at a great price.

We give you, the:

HandBuiltBrands Brand in a Box Identity Package

What's included in the:

HandBuiltBrands Identity Package

Includes the design of:

PowerPoint Presentation 
Letterhead / Word document template / One-pager Template
Business Card
Brand Standards document including proper logo usage, typography/font selections and color palette


We've helped these companies and more:

Who are you?

The questions we ask in our kickoff call:

What do you stand for?
Who are the audience groups?

Your NorthStar might be _______. (If it was a living thing, what brand would it aspire to be like in any industry.)
If you were going to be a mashup of two people living or dead, it might be ________. 

With these inputs in mind, you are attempting to strike a tone of: ________

And ... Why ... Let's try to figure out the "why?" Why does this brand exist? And why is it awesome?

A smooth, seamless process

After the agreement is executed, we have kickoff call with you (if necessary) and our team gets to work. 

1. Logo versions

Using the inputs we discuss in kickoff call, we'll create an initial round of logo executions (allow about two weeks for this draft). This is delivered as a PDF presentation and includes up to 3 logo versions. They may include different color schemes, typography and iconography. 

2. Discuss and revise

We'll send a 1st draft of 3 logo executions by email to your primary point of contact. We ask to have design feedback within 48 hours of (A) a favorite and (B) design aspects that you believe closely reflect how you perceive your brand. 

3. FINAL the logo

We'll revise, tweak and iterate. The package includes up to 3 rounds of revisions on the logo before any scope changes might kick in. However, most logos are "FINALED" by the 2nd revision.

4. Brand Standards document

After we final the logo, our team develops a brand standards PDF which documents the design decisions made including standard logo usage, typography and fonts and the color palette of the brand. 

5. Build out and delivery

We will build out and deliver the remaining items of the identity package including a PowerPoint presentation, Letterhead / Word document template / One-pager Template, Envelope design and Business Card Design. The final deliverable includes a zip file of these documents as well as a full logo package including all necessary logo types in CMYK and RGB.

Work Samples

Wordmark only
ICON + Wordmark

What Does the Brand Guide and Logo Package Look Like?

Good question. Glad you asked

Brand guide example
Logo Package example

At the end of the project, we provide you a Google Drive link and a zip folder with all of the materials. 

Prompt, professional and easy to work with.

President, Energy Industry Consultancy

HBB helped our company grow revenue and establish our brand. They have many tools to help build sustainable growth. Great company and I would highly recommend.

President, Secondary Containment Segment

HandBuiltBrands has provided our company with superior quality 3D rendering, videos, and other marketing material with quick turn-around.

Business Development, Well Testing

Matt and his team always exceed expectations. Whether it's assisting with the creative or executing on a project, ... their support makes it feel like I'm working with an in house team. I couldn't recommend them strongly enough.

President, Nitrogen Services Segment

No customers say:


Every customer says:

"We need to do this right ... but also fast." That's what the brand in a box is.

Flat-price Project fee

The payment schedule is: 1/2 of the total fee upon acceptance 1/2 of the total fee paid 30 days after accceptance
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HandBuiltBrands makes us look bigger than we are!
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