The Grand Experiment

Our views on producing corporate 3D animations and other marketing devices
in the spirit of continuous improvement. Plus, a good bit of lifestyle design too.

Citation change process for a practice relocation

So YOU’VE RELOCATED YOUR PRACTICE. The name is the same, the phone number is probably the same. But the address is different. Be clear about this — you have a citation mess on your hands. (If you want to know what a citation is, you’ll need to click here. If you’ve passed the quiz, you know that […]

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Control Your Stuff

An open letter to business owners: Have yer friggin logins and make sure you have control over them people! This statement has been made dozens of times in a customer transition period, “Email my marketing company. They have all of that.” Omg [facepalm]. You are telling me that you’ve given exclusive keys to the car […]

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Does an invisible man know they are invisible?

Real question: how do you tell an invisible person they are invisible? It’s a hard one to grasp because for one, you and I have never been invisible. So obviously it’s a little hard to put yourself in the shoes of an invisible person. But, What if your business is invisible? That is, when someone […]

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Start here – a primer to a Google Maps Boost for Practices

You’ve clicked the START HERE button. Congratulations! You have graduated from being blissfully unaware of the problem you are facing and are now embarking on the journey of education to see what there is to do about your pain and problem. And I’ll try to be your helpful guide on how to not only fix […]

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2 Cornerstones of the Foundation in the Google Maps Process

There’s several cornerstones of your foundation in the Google Maps Boost process: Relevance – High-quality Content – Authentic, relevant, well-structured content Credibility – A consistent and credible citation presence on the internet, Gathering unique, relevant reviews for your practice, consistently over time & more Proximity – How close are you to the searcher? Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness (E-A-T) […]

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Part of a solid Foundation – why the GMB process is so important

In theory you shouldn’t add on to a home or build more on the home if the foundation is faulty, right? That’s the best analogy that I have for the importance of this uber-important microniche of marketing. Google Maps. It’s one element of your business’s marketing foundation. And I preach this often, consider fixing your […]

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Google Maps Boost – WTF you talkin bout? How does Google Maps work

HOW DOES GOOGLE MAPS WORK? Google Maps uses (probably) hundreds of signals or ranking factors. But in the essence of simplicity, I’ve narrowed those down to these main buckets: Proximity Relevance Credibility Authority   PROXIMITY How close is the user to the business location? At the time of this writing, this is probably too heavily […]

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WTF is a Citation

A citation is how your company’s vital information shows up on the internet. Generally, it’s your: Name Address Phone number Website A citation is your digital thumbprint. It’s important, like your thumbprint. There’s a quiz at the end. So, remember that.   In this case, it’s not a reference to a study or some other […]

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The KUIU / Sitka / Simms 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for (wanna be) Outdoorsmen

  • November 09, 2017
  • Culture
  • Matt Marquart

The story I’m telling myself here is that within the high-end camo world, there’s a ton of selection. Each brand has a bunch of SKUs, and if you’re just wading in for the first time (or buying for someone else), it can be daunting. I’m giving you my favorites in case you’re wondering what that […]

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3D Videos Assist with Sales to New and Current Customers

Most likely you already have your sales pitch honed. You know who your target market is, how to reach them and what they want to hear. If you have been presenting your product in person, perhaps with the aid of a well-developed power-point, you have probably been enjoying a bit of success and the commission […]

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