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Our views on producing corporate 3D animations and other marketing devices
in the spirit of continuous improvement. Plus, a good bit of lifestyle design too.

RP vs Full - Liberty Lift

What is a rapid prototype video?

We have a 3-step process to creating a 3D animated video. Story Rapid Prototype Full Production The goal of this article is to explain what a rapid prototype (RP) is and to show you examples of how it differs from the full production version.

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What “we” do

  • February 02, 2019
  • Blog
  • Matt Marquart

  So I’m in a meeting with a customer who’s enrolled in our Google Maps Boost program. She also knew that we design and manage websites because well the Google Maps Boost program works on websites. And I’d told her that we do, previously. We’d just finished talking about our other key program, the custom […]

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Using a 3D video as a sales page hero

Imagine this, a prospect or customer asks you on the phone or in a meeting to send more information on [that awesome product or service that you sell]. You say, yep, I’ve got just the thing. And you send them to a page that has been specifically written to address what they are asking about […]

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A breakdown of a 3D animated video – Apple Watch Series 4

Apple. The king of creating things that we really (, really, really) want. This is a breakdown of a 3-minute film that Apple created to promote the Apple Watch Series 4 in Q4 2018.

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How to promote software and digital technology with video

Promoting software and other digital properties with video The most classic example is to use screen capture technology to a written script and then do a professional voiceover synced to the video, using a piece of software like Camtasia. These are examples of what you can do instead of that to make software stand out. […]

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How often should I redesign my website?

  • December 04, 2018
  • Advice
  • Matt Marquart

This is a common question at the beginning of a website project. “… and how often do you think a website needs to be re-designed?” Here’s my answer: Every 4 years   How do you get to that number – that it should be redesigned every 4 years? “It feels like we just did this. […]

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What Makes a Killer 3D Animation Studio?

Read if you’re looking for… a top-notch 3D animation studio; a beautiful 3D animated medical video; an expert 3D animated energy video; one of the best animation companies around, period. Imagine if the famous Joe Esposito song were called “You’re the Twelfth Best Around.” Doesn’t have quite the same ring. Nobody ever sets out to […]

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The importance of expertise

  • September 21, 2018
  • Blog
  • Matt Marquart

Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness If a total stranger got to your website and in a matter of seconds, could they tell that you are an expert in your field? Are you authoritative? Are you trustworthy? [Pause for emphasis] Seriously. If they had to grade you 1-5, what would they mark down? If this fictitious person is […]

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Google update – August 1, 2018 – “Medic Update”

  • September 18, 2018
  • Blog
  • Matt Marquart

The long and short of the Google core algorithm update named the “Medic Update” on August 1st. The short story: Google changed their core algorithm starting on August 1st that started promoting websites that Google deemed to have high quality and displayed Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness.

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The 8 ways to use a 3D video in a sales presentation

“Sales Presentation” This could be a true 1-to-1 sales presentation. It could also be an investor pitch, a data room video, a website video. We broke down all of the 3D videos we’ve ever produced and categorized them into these 8 types of 3D videos.     Click for sound       1:07   […]

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