3D video remains the single most effective way to communicate complex information, bar none. As such, it’s an essential component of a technical marketing strategy. The 3D production process frees video from all real-world constraints: things can be demonstrated at any scale, in any environment, with any camera, unfettered by gravity, lighting, or time. Imagination is the only limit.


A 3D model can be as simple or complex as necessary, to guide and focus the audience’s attention. Objects can be rotated, assembled, or exploded to show their component parts. A 3D camera can zoom in on the tiniest relevant detail, and visually demonstrate key factors or differentiators. Objects can be organized by proximity to each other, sequentially in a process, or significance in a hierarchy.


3D video goes beyond representing physical objects. It can also clearly explain complex systems and processes. It makes the invisible visible, with visual metaphors for abstract concepts. An audience can see a train of thought, a wifi signal, or a decision point. 3D makes demonstrations and presentations effective and interesting.

3D video is such a powerful tool because it’s efficient and effective, transforming branding and marketing messages into compelling, memorable content. It shows a potential customer exactly what a product’s features, benefits, and differentiators are, with media that is expressive and shareable. The 3D production process also allows the same assets to easily be purposed for multiple audiences, or “teased” to invite further exploration. And 3D can be fun as well, as we all know from the movies. 3D video should be a cornerstone of any technical marketing strategy.

For our clients, especially those with a headquarters in Houston TX, 3D animated videos provide a means for people inside and outside the company to see and experience the products like no other medium.

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