3D Medical Videos – A Celling Biosciences Case History

Celling Biosciences wanted to create 3D animations of their suite of stem cell medical devices

They turned to HandBuiltBrands to create 3D animated videos to simply show providers how their stem cell equipment operates and to clearly display the benefits of their products. Their story is that they have a system for the collection, concentration and delivery of stem cells within bone marrow aspirate. After going through our story workshop and subject matter expert interviews, we developed the following three videos to effectively tell their story to their stakeholders.




“I can’t begin to tell you how your team’s animations were imperative to the success of this year’s show! As they say, pictures speak a thousand words, and your animations allowed us to walk each physician through the story of our products and generate immediate interest.” – Marketing Manager

Individual Product Cuts for Background Trade Show Use


This is a great example of taking a model from Solidworks, exporting it as an STL, creating the highest possible render quality and telling a simple effective story in video alone

Intro to the HAND Device

The HAND Device Technique

ART Two Step

Cell Probe and Cellap Tap

View more about our process on our 3D animation page

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