• April 28, 2020
  • Culture
  • Matt Marquart

Personally, I think our gift, inside HandBuiltBrands, is that we’re able to pare down who a company is, what makes them impactful to customers and we help them figure out ways to grow. We started 7 years ago today, and from day one, literally, we’ve preached the importance of Story. Paring down a brand to the essence.

Now we’ve crafted our services intentionally around the best ways to marry: How do we tell this story AND how do we help grow our clients’ business.

Last year, we identified 25 distinct services that we provide for our clients. Here they are #s 1-25:

  1. STORY (WRITING AND CONTENT) – Story Workshop
  2. Website content
  3. Content Map [Content Marketing Plan]
  4. Ongoing Content Creation [Content Marketing]
  5. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING – Paid Search Setup / Launch
  6. Paid Search Ongoing Optimization
  7. Organic Audit, Fundamentals consulting & Implementation
  8. Organic Ongoing Consulting and Checkins
  9. Local Audit, Fundamentals consulting & Implementation
  10. Local Ongoing Consulting and Checkins
  11. Digital Presence Monitoring – Tracking / Analtyics / Reporting
  12. ANIMATED VIDEOS – 3D Animation
  13. 2.5D Isometric Animation
  14. 2D Animation
  15. 3D modeling
  16. Single Frame Rendering
  17. WEBSITE CREATION – Kickoff / Discovery / Requirements / Story Workshop
  18. Squarespace site build
  19. – Ongoing QA & Pre-purchased hours
  20. Custom Design & WordPress Development
  21. – Ongoing Assurance Plan
  22. GRAPHIC DESIGN – Brand-in-a-box Identity Package
  23. Ad hoc graphics
  24. Ad hoc flyer, sell sheet and brochure design
  25. PowerPoint design


After meeting with clients, we package what their business needs into a custom program with these elements on an (A) Initial, (B) Project, (C) Ongoing Quarterly or (D) Ongoing Monthly basis.

And some of these programs are so common, that they fall into our main programs.

For example …

Our Next-Level Content Marketing program combines the power of analytics, 3D animation and ongoing content into a search engine marketing powerhouse. This is a combination of #s 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,16,23.

A social media and youtube video campaign may simply be monthly 3D, 2.5D and 2D video production, so #s 12,13,14,15.

Our Google Maps Boost program is a local search-focused program that helps businesses rank higher in the Google Maps 3-pack. GREAT for local businesses like doctors, dentists, pool builders, contractors, etc. It’s a combination of 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11.

Our Website Creation program is designed to be super-turnkey for the business owner and is pretty self explanatory tbh. It’s a combination of #2,3,7,9,17,23 and either 18/19 or 20/21, depending on what the business needs, and their budget.

And there’s clients who just do #25, regular, killer PowerPoint design.

Each of these elements is modular, they have their own checklists and standard operating procedures in our ERP and can plug and play as we need them to.

When we start any conversation, it’s going to start with the STORY. What’s the story we’re trying to tell? What’s going to make an impact for the business?