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Monthly Archives : December 2018

Using a 3D video as a sales page hero

Imagine this, a prospect or customer asks you on the phone or in a meeting to send more information on [that awesome product or service that you sell]. You say, yep, I’ve got just the thing. And you send them to a page that has been specifically written to address what they are asking about […]

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A breakdown of a 3D animated video – Apple Watch Series 4

Apple. The king of creating things that we really (, really, really) want. This is a breakdown of a 3-minute film that Apple created to promote the Apple Watch Series 4 in Q4 2018.

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How to promote software and digital technology with video

Promoting software and other digital properties with video The most classic example is to use screen capture technology to a written script and then do a professional voiceover synced to the video, using a piece of software like Camtasia. These are examples of what you can do instead of that to make software stand out. […]

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How often should I redesign my website?

This is a common question at the beginning of a website project. “… and how often do you think a website needs to be re-designed?” Here’s my answer: Every 4 years   How do you get to that number – that it should be redesigned every 4 years? “It feels like we just did this. […]

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