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Monthly Archives : June 2017

A Story about core values

  • June 10, 2017
  • Culture
  • Matt Marquart

When I was considering starting HandBuiltBrands, I thought about core values a lot and what I wanted the company to be. I went through what’s called the “5 Whys Exercise”, and I’ve boiled everything I wanted down to 4 things:   Freedom Respect Fun Health I codified these right at the beginning. And I put […]

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5 digital marketing trends to look out for in 2017

2016 saw many digital marketing changes as the world becomes more technology and social media focused. Here are the trends to watch out for in 2017 to make sure you continue to stay ahead of the curve: 1. Advertorials Advertorials are a combination of advertisements and editorial articles. They look like the work that the […]

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